QPAIR hasn’t Stopped Working as we Support Most of our Infrastructure Remotely

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has taken us by surprise and impacted many lives. With work from home and social distancing being strongly advised, the United States has drastically changed how everyday activities are being done. The economy has taken a hit with businesses being closed as they are labeled non essential and the food and nightlife industries have taken huge hits. Our thoughts are with the people the virus has affected and with the legions who are working so hard to control the virus’s spread and treat its victims.

With this shift in economy and how businesses are operating, we adapted and changed our practices to support global and local initiatives to help prevent the spread of the virus. As we are a Cloud Operations Company, working remotely is not a new concept and we have the ability to work from anywhere. We took the initiative early to have our employees work from home to help prevent the spread of the virus and it hasn’t slowed us down one bit. 

As we focus on helping Life Science companies build and manage their cloud infrastructure, we leverage our cloud partners tools and technologies to maintain our productivity remotely. With the COVID-19 crisis and not knowing how many weeks teams will be working remotely – I wanted to let my network know that QPAIR, a New England based Managed Service Provider, can provide remote Multi-Cloud infrastructure services with shorter lead time. We are supporting our clients remotely and have extensive experience in it. We are ready for surge needs and if you are looking for a short runway or immediate help, please email us at info@qpair.io. We can find out a way we can work with you to keep your business running and economy alive. Stay safe everyone!










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